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"NO MAN'S LAND" Build Toyota Land Cruiser LC80


Markster set out to build a performance based Class 2 scale rig. The build is based on a Boom Racing D110 chassis. The original wheelbase is 334mm. To shorten the wheelbase to 313mm, the spacers from the stock upper links were removed and 1/4" was cut in both front links, and 1/2" was cut for the rear links.

After shortening the links, the shock hoops are then mounted in an angled position so the shocks would work in a functional angle. Both front and rear shock towers have optional mounting positions on the chassis rail for adjustability. The front driveshaft has to be shortened and is cut by 1/2". A very capable 313mm wheelbase chassis was built with a couple of quick and easy adjustments.


Below are the complete part list for the Land Cruiser 80 "No Man's Land" Build.

Boom Racing D110 Chassis
Team Raffee Co Hardbody LC80

Boom Racing Boomerang TYPE I 90mm  Suspension (Red)
1.9" SandStorm KRAIT Beadlock Wheels
1.9" Boom Racing 4.75" Hustler M/TX MC2 Tires
KRAIT 8mm Hex Wheel Spacers
Boom Racing Lanka 1.9" Beadlocks Rings
Boom Racing Aluminim Servo Horn
Boom Racing Realistic Scale Antenna
Team Raffee Co. Roof Rack w/ LED Light
Team Raffee Co. Scale Accessories Combo

Flysky Gt3B Radio Transmitter and Receiver
JX Servo DC5821 Waterproof Servo
Hobbywing WP-1060 Quickrun ESC
Team Raffee Co Brushed 27T Motor
Killerbody LED Light Kit w/ Control Unit
















ByJason Tsang

Tags :Toyota, LC80, Boom Racing, D90, Land Cruiser, Scale PHAT Axle


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