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Boom Racing's Angel Eye/Halo Headlights Now In Stock


The Boom Racing Angel Eye/Halo Headlights are an amazingly capable and pretty LED set. The unique selling point of these are that they each come with two shades of lights: one color in the outer rim and one color as the main focal point. We have four different variations of these LED lights, so make sure you check them out on our store to see which one you like!

Colors Available:

The awesome thing about these plugs is that you just have to plug it into the receiver and they'll light up! The diameter of the unit is 9mm, while the inner LED light is 5mm in width. There's also a switch so that you can swap between both LEDs powered on, or only the rims powered on.

In case you want to see all of our available LED lights and such, click here. You can also shop for those specific lights by clicking the Shop Now button below!


ByChristopher Chu

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