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First Look At 3Racing's Sakura D4

Our buddies over at 3Racing gave us access to their upcoming drift chassis, the Sakura D4 RWD or AWD! Check out the photos and price.

At first glance, the Sakura D4 looks SICK. They gave us two samples to look at, both the RWD and the AWD version. The Sakura D4 is the newer, younger model that was built upon the Sakura D3, which featured a counter-steer and front-motor set-up out of the box.

Performance-wise, we haven't been able to test its driving performance yet, though we will be getting some soon. One cool feature is that on the D4, it comes with a battery mount behind the rear shock-tower, adding some extra weight to the rear of your rig. The D4 also comes with a ridiculously wide steering angle. The only possible issue we saw is that when we yanked the wheels to the furthest angle to the right, the shafts would hit tie rod. We'll have to investigate further, but so far, the remarks we've been getting about the D4 has been extraordinary.

Definitely check back for more information as to when the D4 will be released and when we'll have it in stock! For more 3Racing parts and upgrades, check out our site here.

Update (5/29): The Sakura D4 kit is competitively priced under $140 USD. Stay tuned for the latest price information.

ByChristopher Chu

Tags :3Racing, Sakura D4, drift, RWD, AWD


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