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Hobbywing's Quicrun Line Looking Better Than Ever


Hobbywing was founded in 2005, and ever since their inception, they've been amazingly efficient at creating performance-driven electronic products, especially brushless power systems for RC models. That is definitely the case for the Quicrun line. An affordable brushless motor and ESC system that performs exceptionally well is something that all drivers, both newbies and veterans, should look out for. Hobbywing is currently offering a brushless system combo for the Quicrun line, which includes a sensored, brushless electronic speed controller and a sensored brushless motor, both of which were made for 1/10 scale RC cars.

Quicrun 10BL60 Sensored Brushless ESC

The Quicrun 10BL60 Sensored Brushless ESC is a high performance yet affordable ESC that is reliable and race-ready the minute you get it. It has an auto identification system that can recognize sensored/sensorless brushless motors automatically and has an excellent operating feel and a large amount of adjustable options to get the most out of the unit. It includes 8 steps of timing adjustments that increases the output power of the motor and unlocks its maximum potential, and there are also proportional brake adjustments so that you have more accurate control over your car's handling. It also has protection limitations set up, including low voltage cut-off protection for LiPo or NiMH batteries, over-heat protection, and throttle signal loss protection.

Quicrun 3650 Sensored Brushless Motor

The Quicrun 3650 Sensored Brushless Motor accompanies the 10BL60 Sensored Brushless ESC in this combo pack, and has a built-in Hall sensor to provide the user exceedingly high amounts of control. The unit is built with top quality heat-resistant magnets, heat-resistant wires, and name-brand bearings to improve performance and durability. The motor was built with a dustproof design where the motor leads is exposed, and it includes a gold-plated lockable connector, which can be fastened by screws. This eliminates any possibilities of the connectors coming loose. The motor can also be taken apart for easy cleaning and maintenance, which prolongs the life of your motor.

Quicrun Program Card

The Quicrun program card is also a piece by Hobbywing that can more easily help you adjust your speed controller. The program card allows you to set these different things on your ESC:

1. Running Mode
2. Drag Brake Force
3. Cut-Off Threshold
4. Start Mode (Punch)
5. Brake Force
6. Reverse Force
7. Initial Brake Force
8. Neutral Range
9. Timing
10. Over-heat Protection
11. Motor Rotation
12. LiPo Cells

An RC vehicle equipped with all of these parts is a deadly force. Providing the most precise and easy handling, the brushless system combo in tandem with the program card will maximize your RC car's potential, allowing you to kick up as much dirt as you wish and to become more competitive in any race you partake in. Hobbywing has seriously outdone themselves with the Quicrun line, and also have other product lines like the Xerun and Ezrun for the more competitive racers.


ByChristopher Chu

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