AsiaTees Hobbies' Exclusive GPM Racing Warranty
What is the AsiaTees Hobbies' GPM Racing Warranty policy?
We hope to give you the best user experience with the products you've purchased, so we've teamed up with GPM Racing to give you the best warranty available in the aftermarket option upgrades market today. This exclusive warranty covers only GPM Racing products sold through AsiaTees Hobbies. Please keep in mind it is not a "no questions asked" warranty policy. The following text describes in detail what this warranty does and does not cover, subject to AsiaTees Hobbies final review.
Warranty Terms and Restrictions:
Under normal operating conditions(1), if you manage to break a GPM Racing machined product, we will replace that part at no further cost to you(2). Normal operating conditions covers installation damages and most types of driving conditions that an unmodified RC vehicle would normally encounter, including normal bumps and jumps. AsiaTees Hobbies will not warranty a broken or damaged part if it has been modified in any way (or if the part breaks due to modifications elsewhere on the vehicle that directly affects the GPM Racing part in question). This includes, but is not limited to, drilling, grinding, filing, etc., nor will we warranty any part that has been worn out through extended use and / or abuse. Bended parts are not considered under warranty in most situations unless the part in question bended in unreasonable circumstance. In addition, it is nearly impossible to crush a GPM Racing part under normal operating conditions, therefore crush damage of any sort will not be covered. Please use common sense to determine if the breakage was caused by excessive usage. We take our customer service related issues seriously and we will do everything possible to resolve legitimate warranty related claims. AsiaTees Hobbies reserves the right to final judgment regarding all GPM Racing warranty issues. Every GPM Racing part sent in for warranty review will be reviewed to determine whether or not the guidelines of the GPM Racing warranty policy apply.
Included Hardware:
Screws, ball bearings, nuts, washers, or any hardware included in any GPM Racing package are not protected under AsiaTees Hobbies warranty provisions.
Discontinued Products:
AsiaTees Hobbies cannot warranty products that are no longer supported or manufactured. We will do everything we can to supply a replacement part for a valid warranty request but if an item that has been damaged is discontinued and no longer supported by GPM Racing, the warranty is considered void.
What you need to Do:
If you are not sure if your problem is a legitimate warranty related problem, please Email Us directly and ask. If you feel you have a legitimate warranty related item, send the damaged item directly to us with a brief, legible, yet thorough explanation of what you think may have happened to the part, your order number, a contact phone number and an e-mail address in case we have questions and your return mailing address to;

AsiaTees Hobbies
30 Tsiu Keng Pang Uk,
Sheung Shui,
Hong Kong

All returns must be sent back to the AsiaTees Hobbies warehouse in Hong Kong. Once we receive the damaged GPM Racing part and we determine that it is a valid warranty claim, we will usually send out a replacement within 2 business day. The faster you get a part to us for replacement, the faster we can get a replacement or response back to you.
(1) AsiaTees Hobbies refers to "normal operating conditions" as normal use of a vehicle for an average user with an unmodified, stock vehicle. GPM Racing parts that are damaged due to excessively tall jumps (or high falls), abnormally fast (or heavily modified) vehicles / runaway vehicles, or run-ins with full sized vehicles are not considered used under "normal operating conditions" and may not be covered under AsiaTees Hobbies warranty provisions, nor will AsiaTees Hobbies cover damage inflicted upon a GPM Racing part due to the failure of other products not produced by GPM Racing. Additionally, BMX Tracks, Skate Parks and other such areas dedicated to non-R/C related hobbies are not considered normal operating environments and any GPM Racing parts broken in those types of locations may not be covered. Intentionally damaged parts will never be covered under warranty protection (don't do it - we know what we are looking at and we will check). If in doubt, please ask.

(2) The only costs you may incur is sending the damaged part to us. The customer will bear the responsibility for the freight charges and the risk of loss on all returned shipments. All return shipments should be made with carriers that offer tracking ability to help determine the chronological process of the return shipment. AsiaTees Hobbies does not reimburse for costs returning damaged parts to our warehouse. We will send valid warranty replacement parts back to you at no additional charge. Parts not covered under AsiaTees Hobbies warranty provisions may incur shipping fees if you would like the original, damaged parts returned to you.

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