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About AsiaTees Hobbies

We are dedicated to providing great selections of both quality and affordable R/C hobby accessories to everyone. Our focus is timely delivery of fun and exciting products and at great prices.

Jason Patrick Tsang Founder, Director

As an industrial engineer with experience in statistical analysis - from R/C manufacturing to systems design to building websites - Jason is making it his life's work to create a company that benefits all of its stakeholders. He earned his B.S and M.S. from the School of Engineering of Arizona State University. Jason spends his off days volunteering for church and is an avid basketball player, but finds that AsiaTees Hobbies doesn't allow him to play nearly as often as he'd like.

David Dai VP, Business Development & Procurement

David has over 20 years' experience building consumer brands. He is experienced in systems implementation and earned his B.S. from SiChuan University. He developed a passion for R/C cars after joining AsiaTees Hobbies. When he's not searching for the latest R/C products, David enjoys soccer, traveling, and spending time with his family.

Joey Lau Lead Designer

Joey graduated with a B.A. from Monash University, Australia. Joey has years of experience in design and photography. His passions are in design and branding. Joey is team oriented and has a strong desire to build a successful company. Joey likes to spend his spare time learning new things and is always willing to try new things. He also enjoys playing motorsports and has a great interest in R/C, especially monster trucks. He often shares his life experiences with others.

Kitman Tang Manager, Customer Service

Kitman was born and raised in the U.K., received his degree from Middlesex University in Multimedia Design. Kitman worked in CS in e-commerce during his days in U.K. In 2007 he moved to Hong Kong and immediately fell in love with the city. His passion and dreams are to create a comfortable living environment for his family. Kitman is genuine and always tries to stay positive. He loves to try different hobbies, building paper craft models and R/C cars.

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