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The trend is here and 2017 is the year of going scale! Boom Racing has a newly revised chassis of the very popular Defender D90 and D110 platform.

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MST is a well know company that produces very high quality and well-made drift chassis that performs great.

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Boom Racing factory drivers will be racing with these prototype KRAIT 1.9 Delrin DCR beadlock center rings for the upcoming U4 Nationals in Arizona.

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Scale fans can rejoice as Boom Racing released a new set of aluminum 1.55 beadlock wheels dubbed the Terra Classic 8-Hole.

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Last weekend just gone we held a small little crawler meet at our local back yard.

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The MST 1/10 CFX and 1/8 CFX-W crawler reviews are in. They hit it out of the park with these two new kits. Find out more.

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The new Acuvance LUXON AGILE brushless motor specs and characters are released.

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The latest product to hit the scale RC scene is Boom Racing's Yota LC Classis 1.55 Beadlock Wheels. Its got great innovative engineering design and scale realism. These wheels are must-haves for Toyota fans.

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Boom Racing updated the Scale PHAT Axle with beefier helical gears, aluminum steering knuckles, lower profile PHAT truss and more.

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This is an awesome new 1/8 crawler that we were able to test out and our verdict of this rig is astonishingly good.

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ATees has a new feature on the site to let you bundle up and save on your favorite RC parts. One of the hottest wheel/tire combo - the KRAIT Beadlock Wheels and Pit Bull Tires.

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If you wondered what the difference of this MST 1/8 CFX-W is you need to have a look at this video and review.  

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Affordable and compact MST setup board  

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Boom Racing released their new KRAIT 2.2 beadlock wheels following the popular 1.9 KRAIT Wheels.

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To launch this New Year off ATees is giving away a new MST 1/8 CFX-W. To be in with a chance of winning this great prize simply follow three steps to enter.

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