Shop Our Cyber Sale Week Up To 70% Off
10% Off Code: CYBERMONDAY Terms Apply
Shop Cyber Sale Week Up To 70% Off
10% Off Code: CYBERMONDAY Terms Apply

Boom Racing announced that they will be giving out a brand new officially licensed Land Rover® Series III BRX02 Pickup kit. Find out more.


Take 10% off Cyber Monday on all products when you shop today. Use code CYBERMONDAY. Some restrictions may apply.


Check out our new ProBuild™ 1.9" Offset Beadlock Readyset in Matte Black Barrels.


Isn't blue a cool color? Presenting the Rock Monster BLUE Silicone Tire Insert.


Here's what you are waiting for! The three all-new B3D front bumpers for the BRX02 D110 trucks.

Presenting the new KUDU™ Multifunctional Soldering Jig. Designed from the ground up, the Boom Racing KUDU™ Multifunctional Soldering Jig is a beautifully crafted high-end billet aluminum and steel tool set for your R/C applications.

We have released the BRX02 DIG and SWD (RWD/4WD) Transfer Cases. Check out these upgrade parts!


Introducing the all-new Boom Racing BRX02 6x6 D110 Pick Truck. If you're looking for more traction for your BRX02, why not convert it to a 6x6 truck for more performance and own the ultimate 6x6 crawler?


Come and check out our new ProBuild™ 2.2" series! The Ultra Lightweight ABS / Carbon Fiber Beadlock Wheels.


For all of you small-scale tire lovers. We've just released 12 new 1.0" tires. Check it out!


This is a special edition ProBuild™ 1.55" R12 6-Lug Adjustable Offset Aluminum Beadlock Wheels (2). Inspired from an iconic movie and vehicle from the 1990s, combined with our patented Probuild design for a quick and easy installation and setup. This beadlock wheel is a mix of nostalgic beauty and scale performance.


Are you a fanatic of a classic wheel? Look no further Boom Racing releases a new ProBuild™ 1.9" classic beadlock wheels. Run them deep dish or original width. These are perfect wheels for classic vehicles. 



Our all-new portal axle gearbox for the BRX70 and BRX90 PHAT Axles. Full aluminum construction, HD steel gears, and BADASS driveshafts for ultimate strength and durability. The portal gearboxes come pre-assembled, greased up, and ready to go for you!


Boom Racing releases a six-lug version of their popular 16-hole steelie beadlock wheels. Click to find out more.

Boom Racing releases a B3D™ roll cage and luggage tray for Team Raffee Co. D110 station wagon.

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