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BuggyComment2961 Views

Tires are everything in racing, so make sure you know how to mount your tires!

ElectronicComment7281 Views

So, do you think you need an external BEC or not? Check out this quick write-up on why you should or shouldn't use one!

EditorialComment4392 Views

Part 2 of the "How To Paint A Bodyshell" series is now up! Check it out and make sure you let us know if you have any questions!

EditorialComment4770 Views

Painting lexan bodies can seem like a difficult task. However, with a bit of knowledge, a good plan, patience, and the right tools, it is easier than you might think. 

MulticopterComment2025 Views

Let's breakdown how to choose propellers for your quadcopters, whether you're using it for aerial photography or for FPV racing.

CrawlerComment4968 Views
Just starting off in scale crawling? Confused whether you should choose brushed or brushless? Here's a little explanation on the pros and cons!
EditorialComment3465 Views
Let's take a look at how to measure wheel offset on your tires! We're using a Team Tetsujin Super Rim to show you how you can measure offset!
CrawlerComment3708 Views
Good day folks. In this blog, I talk about what's in my trailing back pack, from spare parts, tools, to filming equipment!
CrawlerComment8865 Views
RC Culture with an explanation of the common wheelbases in the scale crawler world, like the SCX10, Vaterra Ascender, Gelande II, and what to do with them!
CrawlerComment2988 Views
In this trail truck maintenance blog I talk about what's going to help keep your all-weather condition rig running all year round.
CrawlerComment2952 Views
When it comes to RC crawling, the road to becoming a veteran can be a long one, filled with brick walls and busted trucks. Check out these ten tips to minimize your share of headaches and heartbreaks.
CrawlerComment4725 Views
You gotta droop! In this informative blog, I talk about what is droop and compression as well as how to figure it all out.
ElectronicComment2043 Views
If you're just getting into the RC hobby, it's very likely that you would've run into some sort of technical issue. Check out these basic steps to see if you can troubleshoot your electronic issues!
AccessoriesComment2601 Views
In this RC Basics, we're going to look at how to make your scale scene look as real as possible!
EditorialComment1611 Views
Want to get started building R/C and confused as to the naming conventions of R/C screws? We'll get you covered with the basics fast to help you get started as soon as possible.
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