RGT releases the RC4 version 3 1/10 high-performance realistic scale crawler in 255mm wheelbase, decked out with full body accessories and LEDs.

ROC Hobby recently released a new upgraded version of their 1/18 scale Katana crawler. Let's check out the details of this new package.

Boom Racing releases modular brass weight performance upgrades for their BRX70 and BRX90 PHAT axles.

Boom Racing releases a new 1.9x3.82x1.0 inch (97x26mm) scale crawler tire in super-soft Gekko rubber compound with a new firm open cell foam insert.

You spoke, Boom Racing listened! Introducing Boom Racing's all-new dual-staged 1.55" x 4.19" sized foam insert in soft open outer foam and hard closed inner foam.

With a detailed scale body, all-new "reverse-drive system" and 313mm wheelbase chassis, th Desert Fox is an instant contender against the other top trucks.

The all-new TRASPED General Motors Hummer H1 4WD Crawler comes with an officially licensed 1/10 hard body, with a top-spec and standard version to choose from.

Boom Racing released a new Neo Chrome color option for their ProBuild 1.9" Offset Beadlock Wheels.

Team Raffee Co. releases this all-new 1/10 Rubicon hard body with full tube doors & open-top in 313mm wheelbase.

Hobby Plus just released two vehicles for their 1/18 CR-18 crawler platform, a 4-door Rubicon and 2-door Wagon Pickup dubbed KRATOS and HARVEST.

Carisma Scale Adventure just released two new options for their MSA-1E mini crawler platform.

Boom Racing releases an all-new 1.9" narrow tire for the SP Road Tracker line, with the reliable and trusted Gekko compound.

Traction Hobby releases their latest 1/8 Brabus G63 6x6 Conversion Kit packed with lots of exciting quality parts.

Looking for a unique hard body? TRC is offering two new handmade hard bodies - the Toyota 1976 Hilux Pick-Up and Toyota FJ45 Cab.

Fresh from Team Raffee Co. is the new flat bed tray with two half canopies for Boom Racing BRX01 situated with the LC70 hard body.

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