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Haneef Sulaiman aka Bob Rock

Brand: D like , Streetjam

Social Media: @bob_rock , @teamecdc
About Me: I started about 4yrs ago after I had watched a youtube video of the Korean Rc Street Drift Challenge 2010 and from that moment I knew I had to drift. There was nothing of that sort in my city so I made it my mission to grow the hobby in the city of Durban. I started the East Coast RC Drift Club and it has grown since then. I hope to one day compete at the Worlds Championships! Im also keen to trying out crawling soon!

Illya Maertens

(AKA 1967illya on Youtube and Facebook)

I’m living in the Netherlands and I love RCs especially scalecrawlers. I have several of ‘m and most build with the tremendous support of Asiatees/Boomracing.

Amongst equally minded rc addicts I like to say it like this: “Rc’ing is a disease. A terrible disease without a cure. But i love being sick…

I always try to build my cars different then it’s equals. Even if I have to do a custombuild like the “COD” (Crawl Of Duty) or the SCX10 Based Tamiya F350 hardbody “Warlock”. So far, there’s nothing like it. They need to be functional, performing and need to have a certain level of “badassness” but they also need to be stylish. I can think for hours how a certain part needs to look. For my latest builds I make “moodboards” before even touching a framerail or hex-driver.

Compared to most of my fellow ATees guys I am relatively new to the hobby.
I will never claim to have the ultimate rc wisdom and simply consider myself an over enthusiastic driver with an overdose of creativity. When I see a nice challenging trail with rocks and mud I get ecstatic!

Jay Leno

(#RC Culture)

Social Media:
- Twitter:
- Instagram:
- Facebook:
- YouTube:

About me:
I’ve been actively involved in the hobby grade RC industry since 2004 when I began racing pan cars on carpet in the USA. I moved to Sweden in 2008 and got into drifting. After a few years I started rock crawling as well. Today I am actively involved in many areas and forms of RC from design and production to drifting, crawling, semi-trucks, scale building, and flying quads. I am also actively involved in 3D printing which of course compliments the RC hobby so well. I enjoy the creative process most and almost always have more builds going on than I have time to complete, but that’s all part of the hobby for me. The biggest passion in RC for me is the design and creative process, but getting other people into the hobby and helping them out is a very close second. My goals are to promote the hobby in a positive way, always be of help to others, provide entertaining content and to enjoy the good times with friends that the RC lifestyle provides.

Richard Derry

I’m from Utah USA, married to my sweetheart and have 3 great kids that support me in my crazy hobbies. I run KrawlZoneRC. The Krawl Zone show is all about everything full scale off-road and in December 2014 we started the KrawlZoneRC segment for all things RC and it's taken off with help from our awesome sponsor Asia Tees! I've been involved in RC for almost 20 years and I'm not planning on stopping any time soon. So glad to be a part of the Atees family!

Stephan Brunet


Facebook group:
Instagram: @theledwheel

About Me:
Starting at about 10 years old I was hooked on RC but its not till about 7 years now that its really become an addiction and its probably because RC's have become so scale. Mar 24, 2010 1:16 PM marks the upload of my first YouTube video and the beginning of my RC Video journey. Building scale, custom and sometimes weird RC's to possibly having started a trend with upgrading vintage Radio Shack trucks from the 80's I always try show viewers how its done or make it entertaining. In the end my real goal is to work on RC's and make YouTube videos full time.

Josh Wilson


Social Media:
- Facebook:
- Instagram:
- Website:
About me:

I guess you could say I'm an old timer, LOL I've been actively in this amazing hobby since 1987 starting with a Traxxas Cat and it hasn't stopped since. Having been involved in many aspects of the hobby it has kept the passion burning all these years. I have enjoyed many different areas of the hobby, from racing on and off road, boating, and flying but my recent interest has been scale crawling. Being able to build something as realistic as you can then get to go out and drive it on the trails is so much fun, who knew going slow could be so fun. About 5 years ago I started a local group called SoCrawl for the few of us who shared the same interests as a place to come together. And since then it's become so much more than I could of ever imagined, it's turned into a family. Having started those 5 years ago with a handful of friends we've since become a family of over a few thousand and have hosted many major events for Canada (Rc4wd Canadian Scale Challenge and the yearly RECON G6) as well as raised money for charities. We are very blessed to have such great people in this hobby. We are here to promote a safe, fun and caring environment so everyone can have the most fun possible.

Life's short.....So Crawl

Mohammad Shahrin Mandalam

I fell in love with RC Scale and Crawler back in 2004 when I was looking for a new hobby. I love to see how realistic the scale 1:10 vehicles moves when they are overcoming the obstacles. I love nature too. That’s the biggest point when I decided to jump into the crawler scene. Started trailing out with a group and soon after, late 2014 we formed a group called "Siput Park Trophy" and I became the president of the club. We have grown over the years and have organised many competitions. The thing we love the most about these competitions is the chance to meet up new people from near and far and enjoy the hobby together. I have won a number of competitions including getting a 2nd place in the Boomracing Hong Kong Recon G6 "Defender Challenge" in 2016. My wish is for this hobby to grow more in the region and Malaysia being a hub for RC Crawlers and U4 competitions.

Rigs: Vaterra K5 Land Rover Kahn, MST CFX-W (313mm wb), Scx10 Landy Truggy, Axial Bomber, Vaterra Twin Hammer, Scx10 SR5 U4, Losi Rock Rey

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