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Jay Leno

(#RC Culture)

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About me:
I’ve been actively involved in the hobby grade RC industry since 2004 when I began racing pan cars on carpet in the USA. I moved to Sweden in 2008 and got into drifting. After a few years I started rock crawling as well. Today I am actively involved in many areas and forms of RC from design and production to drifting, crawling, semi-trucks, scale building, and flying quads. I am also actively involved in 3D printing which of course compliments the RC hobby so well. I enjoy the creative process most and almost always have more builds going on than I have time to complete, but that’s all part of the hobby for me. The biggest passion in RC for me is the design and creative process, but getting other people into the hobby and helping them out is a very close second. My goals are to promote the hobby in a positive way, always be of help to others, provide entertaining content and to enjoy the good times with friends that the RC lifestyle provides.

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