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Boom Racing releases a low-profile aluminum fairlead for the Muscle Winch for more adjustability

Boom Racing releases their all-new servo winch - the Muscle Winch. It features an integrated Free Spool Unit, operates at 6.0-8.4V and fully waterproofed.

Hobbywing just announced the second generation XeRun AXE brushless ESC - the R2.

Want brushless motor smoothness and control - but in a budget? This new Team Raffee Co. 5-Pole Terra X Pro 540 brushed motor fits the bill.

JX Servo released its newest mini servo that can take up to 8.4V. It comes with all the features we like including metal gears and being fully waterproofed.

JX Servo releases two all-new ultra high torque aluminum waterproof coreless servos. The C70 model is 70kg that takes up to 12V battery.

Power HD releases the new TR-4 fully waterproof micro servo that takes up to 7.4v with full metal gears. Perfect for shifting and diff lock servos.

Have a Hobby Plus mini crawler? This new Performance Upgrade Set replaces stock electronics with higher specs across the board.

The much anticipated Hobbywing XeRun AXE FOC Brushless Motor & ESC are now available in 3300kv and 2700kv. Here are the details including how to update your AXE software.

JX Servo releases their new high voltage flagship servos - the 43kg coreless WP43 and the 45kg brushless WP45. Both servos are all aluminum and fully waterproof.

JX Servo releases fully waterproof mini servo with full metal gears. Perfect servo upgrade for crawlers like the Traxxas TRX4.

Power HD have introduced their full aluminum case budget-friendly waterproof HV servo LW-25MG.

Fly Sky releases the much anticipated 6-channel radio system. Think affordable? You bet!

A video installation guide for the new revolutionary LED body mount that lets you hook up your electronics from chassis to body wirelessly.

Here is a new and easy way to install your body, wirelessly. If you run LEDs on your rig, this new wireless mount lets you completely detach the body without any messy cables connecting on the body.

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