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Boom Racing ProBuild™ XT6 Adjustable Dually Adapter


Introducing a new product designed for scale builders who want to construct a dually or any heavy-duty truck with dual wheels using ProBuild XT6 beadlock wheels.
This product allows you to use true beadlocks and has a fully adjustable feature to precisely adjust the width between the dual wheels so you can use the tires of your choice.
The dually adapter opens up many stylish wheel options within the ProBuild XT6 wheels, allowing you to match your front and rear beadlock wheels.
One of the best features of this product is the ability to set up your truck using different ProBuild wheel widths. For example, you can use the wide or standard-width ProBuilds for your fronts and narrow widths for your dual wheels.
It is compatible with XT6 / XT6 V2 hubs and most ProBuild XT6 faceplates. It allows you to adjust the width between the tires from 20.8mm to 26.8mm, meaning you can choose different tire widths.
  • Max tire width is 44.5mm or 1.75"
  • M4 wheel shafts
  • ProBuild XT6 / XT6 Hubs

Part No. BRXT6DU










ByJoel Berones

Tags :Boom Racing, ProBuild, XT6, XT6 V2, Dually, Adapter Set, Beadlock Wheels


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