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Serpent just released 5 new upgrades for the Serpent F110 SF2 kits.

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Want to drive like a Champ? Rest assured this car has proven itself immensely with winning the World Championship on its debut as well as placing more Yokomo cars in the top 30 among other manufacturer. 

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The Project 4X touring car has a unique new and proven design, in which the suspensions works in a very effective different way, with an extremely  low center of gravity, very easy to work on and very durable.  Easy to drive and ligtning fast !

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Tamiya has just anounced the upcoming release of the 1/10 scale Honda Civic & NSX for the TT-02.

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TheLEDWheel here with a quick little video on some tuning tips and tricks for your RC cars! In the video we'll be using the Tamiya TT-01! 

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Tamiya has released some info on their soon-to-be-released TG10-Mk.2 FN 190mm 1/10th 4WD nitro chassis kit!

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MDRacing RC has recently released some specs and news about their upcoming 1/12th pan car kit, the MDP12-2017.

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GPM Racing is a well-known brand for some of the most affordable aluminum upgrades in the game. They are some of the only people to provide parts for Tamiya's wide range of cars, like the TT02!
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An exclusive, limited edition version of Serpent's Viper 977-EVO will be released for the company's 35th anniversary!
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Tamiya has unveiled its Raikiri GT car based on the popular entry-level TT-02 touring car chassis.
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Destiny Japan has revealed images and information on their new VD12 1/12th scale pan car. 2.5mm CF chassis, multiple battery layout options, and suspension parts from Xenon Racing round it out.
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Last month Awesomatix released first details on a 1/10 A800 competition-grade electric touring car with a CF chassis. Now they're making an aluminum-alloy version to go along with it, creatively named the A800A.
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Man, Europe really loves that formula RC. Now Team Yokomo wants in on the action with their new YR-10F ETS-ready chassis kit!
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Roche RC is almost ready to take the curtains off their new Rapide F1 project. We've got a glimpse of their new Rapide F1 2016 pan car.
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The Mini-Z line of ready-to-run 1/27 touring cars expands even further with the addition of a drift-pimped Subaru Impreza WRX RTR.
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