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RC Basics: [Video] How To Install A Winch And Controller


There are certain items on the market available to make your crawler or scalar more real. Some are just for show; others actually have a function such as a winch. It’s a great item to have on your scale truck and they are even allowed to be used at most competitions. It will help avoid you from getting the (Hand of God) penalty by using your hands to lift it over the obstacle. If your rig doesn’t make it over the obstacles, you can assist it by using the winch to get it out of the trickier sections.

For this outrageous Axial SCX10 COD build a Boom Racing BR20510-01 bumper/winch combo was installed. The particular winch comes complete with a hook and one meter of very flexible metal winch cable. Included in the parts bag is also a switch for if you want to control your winch to extend or retract on your rig. Also included are the little screws to mount your winch on the Bumper. For this one a Boom Racing Stinger type bumper (BRQ90285A) was used. This bumper has the holes already pre-drilled and they matched perfectly.

Depending on what type of controller you are using another option available is to operate your winch through the 3 or 4 channel on your controller. There is also a third option which is to use a wireless key fob system the one that was used for this build was the Boom Racing winch remote  controller (BRQ90110). The key fob controller comes with a battery and there is no binding needed with the included receiver that has all been done already for you. The winch can operate directly on a 2S Lipo but not 3S bot this SCX10 COD rig is running on 3S. So the winch had to be installed to the BEC which is set to 7.4 volt. The winch motor is a brushless type and can pull/lift 3 kilo (6.6 Lbs) over a horizontal line. This winch system is really just a plug and play job. Sure some soldering had to be done to attach a different plug but that was about it.

Another thing that was done was to waterproof the electrical components of the winch system. This was done by opening up the winch controller receiver housing and coat the circuit board all over with Plastidip.

Watch the video and get yourself one of these Boom Racing winches. They have several different ones but the procedure for install is the same. Once installed enjoy your Rig and go winching and Crawl on!







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