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  • 8 people found this review helpful JAN 7, 2023
    William Turner from USA

    Absolute Beast of a machine and I have no complaints a few things to note if you want to buy one 1. 3 Motors are included and wired already with quick connectors and labeled 2. You will need 2 ESCs, Transmitter, Receiver, and your choice of battery (I recommend 2 HobbyWing 1080s and a 2S lipo, wiith your choice of radio gear) 3. it is pretty well sealed once you put 4 screws in the bottom where there were none, it got very little water inside, just add a little bit of sealant to the front and rear edges on the inside where the top meets the bottom and thatll fix that 4. YES it floats, quite well infact, almost identical to the IRL vehicle it is based on 5. while this is a KIT, it doesnt require very much to complete, as the entire bottom tub is already assembled with motors installed. 6. It does not require any mixing mode as the 2 side motors are for driving (and already wired together) and the middle is for steering, simply make sure in your ESCs that your reverse and forward limits are at 100% and it will run like a champ Other than those small things to note. this is just an epic rig, I am enjoying it a lot, and will be posting videos of it on Youtube.

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    King Kong RC Lurker 1/10 Lurker All Terrain Transport Vehicle by King Kong RC

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