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If you love sharing your RC car experiences with your friends, or if you are a blogger who posts reviews on websites, or want to earn store credits on AsiaTees to shop RC parts, then you should know more about our Reviews Sharing Program.

For example, if Bob buys something from AsiaTees and wants to share his product experience with his friends, he goes to a forum or website and talks about the products he bought from AsiaTees. After that, Bob goes to AsiaTees and notify us he reviewed some products that he got from our store (the link is, and submits those forum or website link(s).

We evaluate all reviews and each review can be worth up to $5 USD store credit on If you post more than one link, other links will also be counted. The more links you share, and the better quality of the reviews, the more store credits you will receive.

We will give you a reply within 2 working days after receiving your reviews through the email address you provide below.

Here are some guidelines:

1. Every review should have the Asiatees Hobbies URL in it.
2. Each link can be worth up to $5 store credit. The more links you share, the more points you will get.
3. We love high quality photos with your RC car build. The more the better.
4. If you are submitting video reviews, make it interesting! The better the overall quality the more store credit you'll receive.
5. Have lots of information in your reviews. The more detailed the better.
6. Include the product links on the reviews.
7. Share your honest opinion, good or bad, we love 'em.
8. A similar review can be submitted to different forums or websites. The more places you share, the more store credits you'll likely get.

AsiaTees Hobbies reserves the right for final decision.

Here are some examples:

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