We are thrilled to present our latest creations - five new ProBuild 1.9" complete sets. Let your imagination run wild and tell us, what's your bet?


We've just dropped the latest ProBuild 1.9, which comes with a badass Aluminum COMBAT Faceplate and 16 built-in offsets to take your game to the next level.


The ProBuild product line continues to expand with the addition of the Low-Profile Brass Center Ring, a revolutionary new product that promises to deliver exceptional performance. For more information on this game-changing product, check out the deets below.


Introducing our newest and most advanced ProBuild wheel yet - the 1.9" Combat adjustable beadlock wheels. Don't hesitate, get yours now!


New release of the Carbon Fiber Faceplate in three colors for ProBuild™ 1.9" Ultra Lightweight Performance Beadlock Wheels. 


Check out our new ProBuild™ 1.9" Offset Beadlock Readyset in Matte Black Barrels.


Come and check out our new ProBuild™ 2.2" series! The Ultra Lightweight ABS / Carbon Fiber Beadlock Wheels.


This is a special edition ProBuild™ 1.55" R12 6-Lug Adjustable Offset Aluminum Beadlock Wheels (2). Inspired from an iconic movie and vehicle from the 1990s, combined with our patented Probuild design for a quick and easy installation and setup. This beadlock wheel is a mix of nostalgic beauty and scale performance.


Are you a fanatic of a classic wheel? Look no further Boom Racing releases a new ProBuild™ 1.9" classic beadlock wheels. Run them deep dish or original width. These are perfect wheels for classic vehicles. 


One of our most badass products to date is the all-new ProBuild 2.2" R01 Mesh offset beadlock wheels. They include a set of removable center caps that can be run with or without.

This is ProBuild™ 1.9" Narrow RTS Adjustable Offset Aluminum Beadlock Wheels (2). The Boom Racing ProBuild wheels use a patented design for quick and easy installation and setup.


ProBuild™ release its new platinum color barrels wheels and available in 1.55" / 1.9" / 2.2". 


Looking for a beast mode setup? Here is the new 2.2" ProBuild™ MAG10 Beadlock Wheel.


Our Newest Product: The ProBuild™ 1.9" faceplate design "TWS" is now available for your wheel customization. Fits all existing ProBuild 1.9" wheels. Uses XT6 hubs.

Available in multiple matte colors.



Three styles you can choose as Boom Racing releases ProBuild™ 2.2" M13 adjustable offset aluminum beadlock wheels.

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