Check out the first action video of 3Racing's Sakura XI Sport Mega with their exclusive Toyota Alphard bodyshell!

The Project 4X touring car has a unique new and proven design, in which the suspensions works in a very effective different way, with an extremely  low center of gravity, very easy to work on and very durable.  Easy to drive and ligtning fast !

Serpent is finally announcing the new Viper 977-e electric powered 1/8 scale 4wd touring car. It is not simply another nitro car converted into electric powered car.
GPM Racing is a well-known brand for some of the most affordable aluminum upgrades in the game. They are some of the only people to provide parts for Tamiya's wide range of cars, like the TT02!
The new generation of 3 Racing Sakura Xi has been redesigned and proven to have significant improvements over last model Sakura Zero. It is definitely the best competitor if you experience this new generation of Sakura Xi in the touring car races.
What's new from 3Racing is the special 2014 edition of the Sakura Ultimate. Available as an upgraded RC car kit, the new touring model is ready to set the standard high.
During the recent Japan Hobby Show, Tamiya has showcased their newest chassis kit, the TRF 419.
Many RC racers out there may add aluminum parts in "Things NOT To Buy" list. As far as I'm told, aluminum parts "would just be bling on a car that add weight at the same time". Why I’m still recommending this combo? Read on and find more.
Destiny Japan has revealed images and information on their new VD12 1/12th scale pan car. 2.5mm CF chassis, multiple battery layout options, and suspension parts from Xenon Racing round it out.
HPI has recently released the Hot Bodies R8, probably the most anticipated 1/8 on road formula car before 2015.
The title of the fastest RC car has been taken by Nic Case a few days ago when he uploaded a video showing his RC car getting past the 200 mph (320 km/h) barrier.
Would you like to have a realistic brake disc for your car? It is made of aluminum which is hard and it can make your car perform like a real car with realistic steering effects. Let see the simple steps of how they are installed!
ARC will soon release the R8.0E 1/8th scale electric on-road kit.
You'll be amazed at how much air gets into your shocks when building one your own. Ever wonder how you can get those air bubbles out? Try Tamiya's shock oil air removal tool.
Tamiya's TT-01 and TT-02 platforms are designed for entry level kit builders. This does not mean these two RC cars cannot be upgraded and out perform some higher priced RC's for a small fraction of the price.
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