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*Exclusive Sneak Peek* 3Racing Sakura Ultimate 2014

Designed for intermediate to advanced level drivers, the Ultimate 2014 has a previous version with speed, smoothness and durability touring as well. But the main difference for this model is that the parts have been upgraded mostly by aluminum upgrades.

Tie rods, one way diff, battery mount, motor mount and more than 16 screws have all been replaced with high quality aluminum. Also 3Racing used a separate suspension mount on the new kit to balance the weight distribution better. As 3Racing's newest high-end touring, Ultimate 2014 also has a very narrow chassis that is precisely machined and symmetrical from left to right if the holes on it doesn't count. Both the main chassis and upper deck's shapes have been modified; fewer angles on the main chassis and less cut on the upper deck have added more durability to the new version of the Sakura Ultimate. For the front and rear suspension arms, instead of changing them into aluminum, 3Racing used a better kind of plastic, making sure they'll still be consistent after each run. Aluminum floating mount, gear differential and foam bumper are included in the kit; maintenance probably becomes the least thing that you need to consider about.

Asiatees will have a full line of parts and upgrades for this model so no need to worry about the parts support anymore. It is widely compatible with the previous Sakura Ultimate, combined with its competitive price, now it’s the time for you to own a touring car that handles exceptionally well like the Sakura Ultimate 2014. The model will be released in the late October 2014. Click here for more cars and parts from 3Racing.

BySharon Lan

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