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10 Must Have Realistic RC Accessories For Your Axial

After all these years' development, "RC" does not stand only for "radio controlled" any more. For a lot people, RC equals to high speed, powerful and fierce look. This summer, let's make our RC cars the representatives for leisure and ease.

What are the necessities when you take your girl out on a camp? If it's a two-day-trip, then probably two suitcases are enough - a normal one for you and a mini cute one for her. If you are moving to a cabin and spend the whole summer there, then you will need the big wooden case. How about a huge beer cask for you and several bottles of wine for her, and another cask of wine for your friends that will come over to the party? Coke is definitely something you don't want to miss out. But you had an argument about which size to take with? Don't worry, with a big car like SCX10, you can go ahead and take canned coke, glass bottle ones and plastic bottle ones all at the same time!

You know people always say you are what you eat, and you are whom you associate with. What people haven't told you is that, you are definitely how you decorate your car.

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BySharon Lan

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