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Boom Racing 007-BR Drift Gyro V2 Released


Hey drift enthusiasts, Boom Racing has just released the newest product for drift cars: 007-BR Gyro V2! Let me tell you its new features that will excite you! 

Based on the first version, the second version Boom Racing High Stability Aluminum Gyroscope for Drift RWD with Detachable Mounting Tray is even smoother and more responsive in steering adjustment and handling, giving the car better performance and more realism as it takes every corner. With this little guy being plugged in your car, even a mediocre driver can control his car like a veteran in no time!

The new 007-V2 gyro also features a detachable mounting tray underneath the alloy case and it will be sold seperately. If you have multiple drift cars, attach the new 007-V2 mount on all of your cars and just slide your gyro on. Easily mount your gyro onto any of your cars!

These sweet units are available in various colors: Light Bule, Dark Blue, Gold, Pink, Red, Yellow, Green and Black! If you want to pick one of these awesome gyros up, click the Shop Now button below as soon as possible! 


ByKatrina Gao

Tags :Boom Racing, Drift, Gyro, 007-BR, Gyro V2


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