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Boom Racing Aluminum Door Hinge for Series Land Rover Bodies

We love hearing from our customers and appreciate all the feedback we receive. Recently, we've received some comments about the door hinges on our BRX cars. We understand that having a car that looks realistic is important, but we also want to make sure that our cars are durable and reliable. That's why we've decided to switch to metal door hinges, which we believe will be stronger and longer-lasting. Thanks for your input, and please keep the feedback coming!

Aluminum Door Hinge for Series Land Rover Bodies (2)
Replace the plastic door hinge with this durable aluminum version. Includes 12.9-grade hardware for installation.
Land Rover Series III 88
Land Rover Series III 109




ByJoel Berones

Tags :Boom Racing, Series III 109, Series III 88, Land Rover, Door Hinges, Crawling


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