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Boom Racing ProBuild 1.9" Combat Faceplate


Introducing our latest and most versatile ProBuild wheels to date, equipped with a specially engineered COMBAT faceplate that incorporates 16 different built-in offsets. This feature enables precise wheel adjustments, making it easier than ever to build your truck with exact specifications. Available in four distinct colors, including gunmetal, matte black, flat silver, and platinum, the ProBuild wheels are a perfect match for any vehicle.
Each package includes two sets of wheels, 12.9 grade scale screws, and two different tools to assemble the wheel and hardware. This combination of components ensures that the installation process is quick and straightforward and that the wheels are well-suited to a variety of applications.
Our ProBuild wheels are the ideal choice for discerning drivers who demand quality, precision, and reliability. With a commitment to excellence and a focus on delivering the best possible products to our customers, we are proud to offer these wheels as part of our extensive lineup of automotive accessories. Invest in ProBuild wheels today and experience the difference for yourself!








ByJoel Berones

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