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Boom Racing ProBuild 1.9" New Complete Sets


Our MAG-10 and SV5 faceplates, which are our classic products, now come in two new wheel-style combinations. The standard-width SV5 has platinum barrels and a blue faceplate, while the extra-wide MAG-10 has matte black barrels and a black faceplate.
Earlier, the TWS faceplate with XT6 V2 hubs was only available as an optional faceplate. However, now it is available in two different ready sets: a standard-width matte black barrel with a bronze faceplate and an extra-wide platinum barrel with a matte black faceplate.
Our LGB faceplate with XT5 V2 hubs is one of the fan favorites. It is now available in platinum barrels and a matte black faceplate.






ByJoel Berones

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