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Boom Racing ProBuild 2.2" Ultra Lightweight ABS / Carbon Fiber Beadlock Wheels

Available in both extra wide and standard widths.
+ Ultra Lightweight: 63.2g (Extra Wide) / 60.6g (Standard Width)
+ Four fully adjustable offsets built-in
+ ABS barrels can be painted
+ CNC machined billet ABS barrels with reinforced sidewalls for max weight reduction and durability
+ Performance cut Delrin center ring for strong and lightweight construction
+ Carbon Fiber faceplate for superb looks and lightweight performance
+ Large inner wheel diameter for adding weights
+ Smooth barrel lip for sliding through rocks
+ XT6 V2 alum hubs are lightweight and fit driveshafts using M4 and M5 wheel nuts
+ Reduce rotational mass, less stress on drivetrain
Wheel Combination:
+ Barrel Color: White
+ Barrel Material: ABS
+ Center Ring Material: Delrin
+ Center Ring Style: Performance Cut
+ Faceplate Style: CF6 (Extra Wide) / CR6 (Standard Width)
+ Faceplate Color: Black (Extra Wide) / Silver (Standard Width)
+ Faceplate Material: Carbon Fiber
+ Outer hardware: Cap Head 12.9
+ Bolt Pattern: 6-Lug
+ Hub: XT604V2 (4mm Offset)
+ Hub Hardware: Cap Head 12.9









ByJoel Berones

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