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GPM New Technology, New Look, New Upgrades

With the new CNC technology for aluminum upgrades, GPM has came up with lots of upgrades not only for new cars but also for upgrades that can be improved. Tie-Rods is one of the easiest part in any cars to be damaged. Instead of using plastic, alloy, or steel. GPM took action and came up with tie rods that is made with spring steel. It comes in 7 different length with plastic ball end. The spring steel tie rods can increase the durability for buggy or trucks to bash hard in all circumstances. If you are interested in upgrading the tie rods, stay tuned.

New GPM upgrade for the Traxxas Revo and Summit are the new look and design of the dampers. The dampers are very hard can withstand heavy load on the Revo. It also comes with a new look that gives a full metallic look in a few different colors. Comes in a few different lengths to suit everyone's preference. Feel free to check out the part number here: TRV085

For more GPM upgrades, check out the GPM store here.

ByFelix Lam

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