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GPM Ultimate Steel Universal Swing Shafts for HPI Sprint 2

This Front & Rear Universal Swing Shafts set (#SSP2340FS & #SSP2338RS) is machined from high strength steel, it is strong and durable. One of the most distinguishing features of this set of swing shaft is the shaft outer joint that is sealed with the safety ring to keep the cross pin securely fastened. This new design prevents the cross pins from falling out of the joints and it will effectively extend the swing shaft’s life time. Upgraded with this universal swing shafts, you can have a better power transfer from the shafts to the wheels and you don’t have to worry about the cross pins to fall out of the joints and break your shafts.

ByTim Cheung

Tags :Universal Swing Shaft, Steel Shaft, GPM, Sprint 2


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