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New EMAX Lightning20A ESC For FPV Racing

EMAX has just given us the latest news on their upcoming ESC, the Lightning20A ESC for FPV Racing!

The EMAX Lightning20A utilizes the high performance of the F396 MCU. It's also one of the first BLHeli ESCs that has synchronous rectification, which allows for quicker response and less heat generated, resulting in higher efficiency! The ESC is definitely lightweight, weighing in at 5.5g with the wires attached, and it's incredibly tiny at a miniscule 24.5x12.5x5 size, making it the smallest F396 powered 20A ESC at the moment. It supports active braking, allows for firmware upgrades through the signal wire, and also features an anti-counterfeit code to ensure authenticity when purchasing these ESCs.

It supports up to 4S LiPos, and is Oneshot Enabled and Multishot Ready from the get-go. It has a high current burst rating and it definitely looks the part. Stay tuned 'cause we'll be selling these very soon! 

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ByChris Chu

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