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TOTAL Monozukuri Beadlock Wheel & Tire Installation Tool


The problem with installation beadlock wheels is that the parts all need to be assembled and compressed by hand, then held tightly to try to fix in a screw one by one, all at the same time. Scale wheels have small screws that are difficult to handle, making the installation even more frustrating.

This Beadlock Tool by TOTAL Monozukuri compresses the wheel and the tire together and clamps it down on its own. The entire assembly is held together by the tool, freeing your hands to get the screws and the driver to begin mounting, without having to hold it all together.



  1. Easily install tires on beadlock wheels that are otherwise difficult
  2. Saves time and energy
  3. Compact and handy tool to fit in any tool box
  4. Easier to handle small screws
  5. 3D printed with strong and durable PETG plastic with metal screw hardware



  1. Insert the tire foam and the center wheel ring into the tire.
  2. Place the back side of the wheel (the side with the hex) down on to the side of the tool with the 12mm hex.
  3. Place the tire with ring down on to the wheel back and the tool.
  4. Place the wheel face down into the tire, lining up the screw holes.
  5. Take the top half of the beadlock tool and screw it down on to the bottom half until the front and back halves of the wheel are properly compressed, taking care to make sure that the bead of the tire is seated properly on both sides as you go.
  6. Insert the screws and tighten in a crisscross rotating pattern.
  7. Once all the screws are tightened, unscrew the top half of the tool and remove the wheel from the bottom half.


Note: This beadlock tool is not intended for use with ring style beadlock wheels such as the original SCX10 beadlock wheels.









ByJason Tsang

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