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Team Raffee Co. 1/10 Alum Functional Two-Post Car Lift


Team Raffee Co. releases this all-new two-post car lift that is a must-have for any scale garages.

This is a Team Raffee Co. 1/10 Aluminum Functional Two-Post Car Lift. Perfect for any scale garages or just to keep your RC cars and trucks organized nicely! Great starting piece if you are looking to build a scale garage. Fully adjustable and realistic in size and appearance. This two-post car lift is made out of billet aluminum for maximum durability and strength. The top aluminum cross-post can be removed.


  • Billet aluminum two-post construction
  • Fully-adjustable lift arms to fit different scale vehicles
  • Arms can be extended and adjusted as needed
  • Arms can be placed in an open position to drive the cars in


  • Lifting capacity: 20kg (44lbs)
  • Rise: 267mm
  • Rise + Pad: 270mm
  • Minimum Height: 20mm
  • Overall Height: 371mm
  • Overall Width: 345mm
  • Overall Length: 177mm
  • Inside columns: 311mm
  • Drive-Thru Clearance: 265mm
  • Front Arm Reach (max): 113mm
  • Front Arm Reach (min): 83mm
  • Rear Arm Reach (max): 139mm
  • Rear Arm Reach (min): 98mm
  • Floorplate Height: 10mm
  • Floorplate Width: 55mm
  • Weight: 1830g


  • Any 1/10 and smaller RC cars, trucks and crawlers.


Available in blue and red colors.








ByRob C.

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