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Top 3 Chassis Upgrades For The Traxxas 1/18 LaTrax Rally

The incredible Traxxas 1/18 LaTrax Rally packs a lot of fun and excitement for entry level racers. But with such a low price tag, some areas of the car must be upgraded. Here are the top three upgrades each should have.

1. Universal Shafts
The Latrax Rally is a 4WD car, efficiency in the drivetrain is of utmost importance. Universal shafts improve efficiency, durability and strength to the rotating components and hold them in place. It can also help with stabilizing the car while accelerating and braking by minimizing vibrations.

2. Upgraded Steering Rack
Whenever there is a crash, one of the often damaged area of the car is the steering component. All of the force from an impact is usually transferred to the center of the chassis, which is where the steering rack is located. Use a set of aluminum steering assembly over the stock plastic steering assembly can withstand the impact your Latrax Rally might encounter, giving it extra durability and strength to protect the chassis.

3. Aluminum Front Knuckles
The advantage of aluminum parts is the toughness and strength they add to the chassis. When ever the Rally crashes head on, the front knuckles always have direct impact and absorbs the full force. This is where many Latrax Rally owners have an issue with. The aluminum front knuckles can withstand a much higher impact rate over the stock plastic knuckles.

ByJason Tsang

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