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TopCad All Touring Car Spring Set

Most racers focus on speed, and they spent tons of money on upgrading the motors. But the most important thing in a race is to obtain good traction on the track, because traction is the king. This spring set offers you the ability to fine tune your suspension set-up, so your car can gain the best traction and run smoothly on all types of terrains such as high grip tracks, low grip tracks, bumpy tracks etc..

This #50102 - TopCad all touring car spring set, has 5 different kinds of spring rates– super hard-blue, hard-purple, medium red, soft-green and super soft-yellow. Super Hard springs are suitable for high-grip track which aren't too bumpy. The medium and soft spring sets are suitable for mildly bumpy tracks, it allows you to have a smoother run and better steering on the car. But remember don't use super soft springs unless you are going to run on very bumpy tracks, since if the springs are too soft, it can make the car hook and spin and and they can also make it react sluggishly.

With this TopCad all touring car spring set, you can always pick the most suitable spring rates when facing different road conditions and this will help you gain the best traction on the tracks.

ByTim Cheung

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