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Win A Boom Racing Land Rover Series III BRX02 Pickup Kit






Boom Racing will be giving away a fully licensed Land Rover® Series III BRX02 Pickup kit to one of their lucky fans.

The new Land Rover Series III will be available in two variants; a short wheelbase (275mm) and one exactly the same as the current BRX02 wheelbase (334mm). The upcoming BRX02 SWB chassis shares the same highly efficient drivetrain with the BRX01 (313mm WB) and BRX02 chassis.

The licensed hard bodies feature opening doors, hood, tailgate, full interior, and removable convertible top.

The release date is scheduled to be in March 2023.

This giveaway lucky draw will happen before the pre-order starts (early January 2023). The requirement to enter is that you must be a registered owner of one of the following kits:


New owners and pre-owned vehicles are eligible. Pre-owned vehicle owners can request ownership transfers from the Boom Racing website directly to be eligible for the lucky draw.

All owners must register their vehicles. Each registration gets one entry. Limited Editions get two entries each. This giveaway is open for entry until early January before the lucky draw. More details on the exact lucky draw date will be posted. The vehicle registration pages are available through the Boom Racing official website:

Vehicle Registration:

Vehicle Ownership Transfer:

ByJason Tsang

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