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Yokomo BD8 4WD Electric Touring Car


Want to drive like a Champ? Rest assured this car has proven itself immensely with winning the World Championship on its debut as well as placing more Yokomo cars in the top 30 among other manufacturer. 

For years, touring fiction has promised that one day, technology will make the cars lighter, faster, easily to maintenance, and build. That is the Idea that's driving Team Yokomo with their newest Yokomo BD8 to the top of the podium. Yokomo has always race proven heritage back from way back 2005, which finally comes to a point BD8 has been tested, been raced , and It's been proven. Now do you have what it takes to take the wheel?

The BD8 encompasses the same super low COG as BD7 did, but in my point of view i fell it’s a little more lower that BD7, which improve and proved to be extremely competitive not only on high grip surfaces and low grip surfaces.  Here are some of the Highlights; 

■ New Centre Aligned Front Belt System, the front belt now runs up the middle of the car which improves the car’s balance as well as smoothness during on-power acceleration.


■ Large 22T Centre Pulley, the center pulley has been changed to allow the front and rear belt to run off the same pulley, providing a longer wear for front and rear belts whilst also offering improved acceleration.

■ Bush / Insert Suspension Blocks, Yokomo have now moved to the bush / insert style suspension blocks, which allows customers easier to adjustments, the new blocks are also lower which further improves the car center of gravity.

■ New Motor Mount / Flex System, The new car carries a smaller motor mount design, which has moved the motor forward inboard (Centre) to increase the cars overall balance, the new motor mount also has new screw placements underneath the chassis which will improve the cars overall grip and corner speed once again.

■ PCS (Pitch Control System) Change the Flex in the car more to your liking and improve Tractions

■ New lightweight graphite plastics, The BD8 will compromise of all new plastic parts, including, Suspension arms, Front Caster Blocks and Knuckles, as well as rear hubs. The new plastics improve the cars performance in a range of different conditions.

■ New Servo Mount Design, The new servo mounts runs further up the center line of the chassis making a slight adjustment to the flex characteristics of the car. The new servo mount will also now be a standard item in the new car.


■ Front Double Joint DCJ’s, Yokomo’s high-quality front DCJ’s will also remain a standard feature in the new kit.

■ Bulkhead X Braces, A feature which will carry over from the BD7, is the ability to run the X braces, which gives drivers more tuning options in different conditions.

■ Big Bore SLF 2 Short Shocks, Yokomo’s big bore high capacity shocks which also carry a low COG design will be carried over to the new car.


■ PCS (Pitch Control System) was introduced at the recent TITC in Bangkok Thailand, the New PCS System comes with a Stiffer Upper Deck and a Tie Rod that Couples the PCS Motor Mount to the existing BD8 Servo Mount. The System reduces fore/aft flex in the chassis, keeps front belt tension more consistent both on and off Throttle, Provide to be smoother drive feel especially in High grip Conditions.



■ The New Kit Also Comes Standard with Aluminum Servo Mount which accompanying the center-aligned Front Drive Belt. Machined Aluminum Steering Rack for precision Steering,

■ My Recommendation Configuration

Yokomo BD8
Hobbywing XR10 Pro or Hobbywing XR10 Stock 80A
Hobbywing Bandit 13.5T
Savox Low Profile Servo 1251MG
Boom Racing 34T 64P
■ With Stock Configuration

■ The Yokomo BD8 starts at $469.9, definitely a very Competitive 4wd Touring.  So Let me ask you guys again has been tested, been raced, and It's been proven. Now do you have what it takes to take the wheel!? Dare to Give It a Try?

 Be Sure to Check out our Video Soon. Let me know what you guys think?


BySunnix Chan

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