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[VIDEO] Boom Racing Type Shocks - Feel The Flex


Boomerang Type I shocks come in 90mm, 100mm, and 110mm, 120mm variants, and they each come with three different spring rates. These internal shocks have been incredibly popular for scale crawlers. If you're looking for a versatile shock that can run standard, droop, and still look incredible, the Type I's are serious contenders.

Boomerang Type G shocks are also popular for scale crawler. The reservoir is a fully functioning part of the shock. With a mini spring inside the reservoir that supports a plate, the plate can push the oil from the reservoir to the main shaft unit for smooth travel and transfer of force. Besides the sweet 110mm Type G shocks, Boom Racing has just come out with new version of 100mm ones. We believe this continuously hard working team would bring out other variants soon for a wider audience.

Boomerang Type E Piggyback Shocks are 105mm long. They are well known for their high durability and great performance. They will look great on your scale crawlers, rock racers, or short course trucks.

Boomerang Type PB Piggyback Shocks are available in 90mm, 95mm, 100mm, 105mm, 110mm and 115mm, 120mm. These shocks feature double spring setup for extra progressive damping effects. It also provides great adjustability for different spring rates. The design of reservoir shocks can hold extra oil and thus keeping the general temperature of oil low during racing.

Boom Racing has heard your requests for more color variations and they’ve come out with various colors. With the excellence in quality and multiple choices, we’re sure that you'll enjoy these new ones! Click the Shop Now button below for a full list.


ByKatrina Gao

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