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Boom Racing 1.9 SP Road Tracker Gekko Compound 3.82x0.94 Inch


This 1.9" SP Road Tracker SCALE RC tire is a replica of 1:1 tire. The narrow track at 0.94" (24mm) is the perfect size for builds such as the LR Defender or any older vehicles. Build the ultimate project with the 1.9" SP Road Tracker tire!

The tire at 24mm in width is one of the narrowest of its class. The "narrowness" has many advantages. The smaller footprint means more adjustability with the setup. You get more steering angle as the tires are now less likely to hit the body, shocks or other chassis components. The narrower track is known to perform better in loose dirt and sandy surfaces.

Gekko compound is soft and sticky. It is developed specifically for RC crawling & trailing.

Included is an all-new pair of medium compound open-cell single-stage foam inserts specifically engineered for this narrow tire to withstand heavier vehicle weights.


  • Width: 24mm or 0.94"
  • Height: 97mm or 3.82"
  • Compound: Gekko Compound
  • Style: A/T


  • 1.9" SP Road Tracker Crawler Tire Gekko Compound 3.82x0.94 Inch 2pcs
  • Open-cell Foam Inserts (Medium)


  • Fits most 1.9" beadlock wheels









ByJason Tsang

Tags :Boom Racing, SP Road Tracker, Crawling


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