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Boom Racing BRX01 Adjustable Wheel Base (AWB)

Introducing the all-new 1/10 BRX01 AWB chassis. The new BRX01 AWB is a short wheelbase version based on the proven BRX01 chassis. The chassis comes with a modified ZiL Pickup body. The kit version will be available around Q3 of 2024. The body includes a full interior and a quick-access battery box on the bed. The cab and bed are split in half and mounted directly to the chassis individually. The hood, doors, and tailgate can be opened.

The connecting shaft between the BCF2 transmission and the B2X t-case, first available on the BRX02 88 chassis, is new to this BRX01 chassis. It is more direct, has less play, and is straightforward to set up.


  • Chassis: BRX01 AWB (adjustable wheelbase)
  • Chassis Wheelbase: 267-287mm (optional XL rail extension 287-307mm)
  • Suspension: Full leaf spring
  • Axles: BRX80 PHAT straight axles
  • Body Material: ABS hard body
  • Body Wheelbase: 270mm
  • Center Driveshafts: KUDU (fits 267-307mm wheelbase)

Photos of the chassis will be posted when all components are finalized.










ByJoel Berones

Tags :Boom Racing, BRX01, AWB, Hardbody, Crawling


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