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Boom Racing Releases Extra Wide 1.9 TE37XD KRAIT Beadlock Wheels


The KRAIT beadlock wheel series has seen much success in the crawling world. Boom Racing now releases an all-new extra wide version of the TE37XD KRAIT 1.9" Deep Dish Beadlock Wheel.

They are heavy duty and designed to withstand abuse. It uses a 6-bolt design to assemble the wheel.

The wider width makes the tire look "beefier" and gives a stretched look.

XT6 Hub Series is Boom Racing's removable aluminum 6-lug hubs. They are available in multiple sizes for the desired width.

  • Width: 40mm / 1.57"
  • Offset:
    • Without hubs: 0mm
    • XT606 Hub: 6mm
    • With hubs: 6mm
  • Weight: 94 grams / wheel (with hub)


  • Extra Wide beefy look and wheel stance
  • Advantage when sidewall conformity and large contact patch is needed
  • Durable and lightweight design
  • Easy to mount (6 bolts behind)
  • High grade nickel plated M2.5 bolts
  • Improved center ring design enables longer-lasting tires
  • Removable XT6 hubs


  • Traxxas TRX4
  • Axial SCX10 and SCX10 II
  • Most other 1.9" tire crawler trucks


  • 2x Extra Wide TE37XD KRAIT Aluminum Wheel
  • 2x Extra Wide Aluminum Center Wheel Ring
  • 2x XT606 Aluminum Hub 6mm Offset
  • 24x M2.5x8 Bolts

Optional XT6 Wheel Hubs:













ByJason Tsang

Tags :Boom Racing, Crawling, Beadlock Wheels, KRAIT


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