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Boom Racing Vaterra K-5 Ascender Upgrades


New from Boom Racing are these aluminum hop-ups for the Vaterra Ascender. Get your metal on with rear and front c-hubs, front knuckles, skid plate, and more!

Vaterra's competing for that Axial marketshare something fierce, with the Ascender filling the same niche the ever-popular Axial crawlers dominate. The K-5 remains a popular crawler kit with great scale looks and better off-road performance. But hey, we think crawlers could always be made of tougher stuff.

Boom Racing is now offering sweet, sweet upgrades for the Ascender, so get kitted out in that aluminum! Front and rear shock towers, hubs, knuckles, and skid plate all get the treatment. We swapped 'em in and added a set of Boomerang Type G piggyback shocks for good measure in the same color for that red and gold eye-catching combination.

The result is something we think Iron Man would put together, if he was into crawlers and wasn't sponsored by Audi. Check out or buy the specific parts below!

Upgrades List:
Boom Racing Aluminum Skid Plate - 1pc Red
Boom Racing Aluminum Rear Hub Carrier - 1 Pair Red
Boom Racing Aluminum Front C-hub Carrier - 1 Pair Red
Boom Racing Aluminum Front Knuckle Spindle - 1 Pair Red
Boom Racing Aluminum Front Shock Tower - 1 Pair Red
Boom Racing Aluminum Rear Shock Tower - 1 Pair Red
Boom Racing Boomerang Type G Piggyback Internal Spring Shocks w/ Functional Reservoir 110mm for 1/10 Crawlers Red

To shop for more awesome Ascender parts, hit the button below and see what's in store!


ByDaniel Pang

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