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Combining MST CFX-W + Killerbody LC70


For those that have a MST CFX-W and a Killerbody LC70 and want to fit them two together, here is what you need to do.

I am going to talk you through what I have done to make these two items fit together and list all the parts I used at the bottom. Right so straight out of the block when you go to place the body onto the chassis you will notice that the shock hoops and the battery will hit the rear bed. Also you will find that the wheel base is slightly too short and you will have to extend it a little bit. I will show you what I did to solve all these problems and what hop ups I have used. Let’s start with the battery tray as that is an easy problem to solve all I did was flip the battery tray so the bit that curves down now curves up. Then moved it forwards so it sits in the cab now instead of hitting the rear bed.

Now moving onto the shock hoops, I used some shock extensions to give me more shock positions to mount the top of the shock and at the same time moving it forwards and lowering the shock position. At the bottom I have mounted the shock where the lower links attach and also I used 80mm shocks instead of 70mm. The front you don’t have to move the shock hoop and shock position but I did it to gain a little bit more flex and suspension travel.

Then I attached the body to the chassis using the original Killerbody LC70 body mounts but I had to use some spacers as the mounts are wider than the chassis. Now I have attached the body to the chassis I then noticed that the wheelbase is a little bit to sort so I needed to extend the rear upper and lower links. The upper link I had to use 70mm link plus 3mm spacer and the original ball ends. The lower links I had to use 90mm link and the original ball ends. Originally the CFX-W had a wheelbase of 300mm by extending the links I managed to get a wheelbase of 313mm which fitted the LC70 Body perfectly.

Parts list:

  • Killerbody LC70 Hard Body = KB/48601
  • MST 1/8 CFX-W = MST/532158
  • Boom Racing Shock Extension = BRQ90311-1
  • 80mm Aluminum Shocks = BRQ90333-80R
  • 70mm Aluminum Link = BRQL5070BK
  • 90mm Aluminum Link = BRQL5090BK
  • Killerbody LC70 Body Mounts = KB/48631
  • Boom Racing Servo Horn = BR955014GM














ByRicky M

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