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First Look: Traction Hobby 1/8 Founder II Rubicon Crawler ARTR


The Traction Hobby 1/8 Founder II just arrived ATees Hobbies. Here's a first look at this very exciting crawler truck.

The Founder I and the Cragsman laid down the foundation for the Founder II. It uses most of the Cragsman chassis components and includes the Founder I Rubicon body.


Traction Hobby Releasing 1/8 Founder II Rubicon Crawler RTR


Our first impression of the new Traction Hobby 1/8 Founder II Rubicon is that this new crawler has new upgrades included.  What stands out immediately is the upgrades and accessories included with the crawler that are normally not included in other RTRs or kits.

The Founder I and Cragsman are both priced at approximately $600 USD versus the Founder II at $700 USD. With the additional $100 USD you get add-ons including the all-new aluminum portal axles with front & rear brass knuckle weights, billet aluminum side steps, front and rear plastic inner fenders and new body accessories like flexible scale antenna, aggressive wheel arches and jerry cans.

The new Founder II comes with the high quality 6-Channel FlySky FS-GT5 radio.

The Cragsman has a few more aluminum parts than the Founder II including skid plate, center cross member and motor mount.


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ByJason Tsang

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