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GT B606 Balance Charger/Discharger

Looking for an affordable charger? G.T.Power got just the thing! The B606 is a small but versatile balance charger allowing you to charge Li-Po, Li-Fe, NiMH, NiCd and PB (lead acid) batteries at a 6-Amp charge rate. Read on to find out more!

This decent charger has built in 2 to 6 cell JST-XH balance ports. It also has mult-chemistry support, with fully balance charging for Li-Po and Li-Fe batteries. The best thing about this inexpensive piece of equipment is that it features "Fast" charge program for quicker charging times, so you wouldn't look like a fool standing in the middle of the racing track waiting for your sluggish charger to juice up your batteries. Another feature it has is "Storage" program for charging/discharging your Li-Pos for safe storage.

The set comes with a B606 Charger, input cable with crocodile clips, output cables to deans/ T-plug male & female, JST two-pin, universal receiver pack socket, crocodile clips, glow plug, and of course, an operating manual. I've also heard that when you buy from *ahem*Asiatees*ahem*, you'll also get a free LED servo tester. Where else can you get a deal like that? Let us know below :)

ByMichael Yeung

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