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Hobbywing XeRun AXE R2 Brushless ESC


Hobbywing just announced the second generation XeRun AXE R2 brushless ESC and motor system.

Sensored brushless motor available in four different combinations with the following motor KV.

The difference between R1 VS R2:

  • Higher continuous/max current at 80A/480A VS 60A/360A
  • BEC max output at 13A
  • New Forward/Reverse with Brake Mode
  • New real-time data recording function
  • Smaller and softer material sensor cable
  • Larger 540 can size (36/57.8mm) VS (36/48.8mm)
  • Smaller 550 can size (36/63.8mm) VS (36/66.2mm)
  • 540L 1400/2100/2800KV VS 540 1200/1800/2300KV
  • 540L motor has approximately 20% higher efficiency

New KV available in 540 can size:

New KV available in 550 can size:


MSRP is set at $199.99 for 1400/2100/2800KV and $229.99 for 3300KV.

Estimated release date: 18th December 2020. Available for pre-order now on



  • Sensored ESC/Motor
  • Waterproof: Yes
  • Cont./Peak Current: 80A/480A
  • Input Voltage: 2-3S Lipo/6-9 Cell NiMH
  • BEC Output: Switch Mode: 6V/7.4V @6A
  • Size: 47.4x36.2x26.5mm
  • Weight: 108g (including weight of input line)
  • Programming port: Built-in bluetooth
  • Firmware upgrade: supported
  • Supports XeRun AXE R2 motor only
  • Wires & Connectors: Black 14AWG 200mm x1 Red 14AWG 200mm x1
  • Input Connector: XT60
  • *Note the ESC and motor of the new (R2) and old version cannot be paired together.














ByJason Tsang

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