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Hobby Plus 1/18 CR18 Rubicon And Wagon Pickup RTR Crawlers


Hobby Plus just released two vehicles for their 1/18 CR-18 crawler platform, a 4-door Rubicon and 2-door Wagon Pickup dubbed KRATOS and HARVEST.


The KRATOS is available in Red and Yellow colors.

The HARVEST is available in Blue and Gray colors.

MSRP: $149.9 USD


The all-new KRATOS and HARVEST were created to be one of the most aggressive mini scalers on the market today.

The KRATOS features a prepainted Lexan soft-body with transparent windows, injection-molded aggressive grille, flared wheel arches, snorkel, and wing mirrors, the Kratos has looks that reflect its class-leading performance.

Sitting upon the trail proven CR18 chassis, the KRATOS has massive axle articulation with minimal bump steer thanks to its multilink chassis geometry and Panhard bar. An uprated 050 55T motor provided ample power and low-end torque. The snorkel isn't just for show either- with water-resistant electronics as standard, the Kratos could even be fully submerged for short periods of time when necessary!



  • Full spec heavily modified body like a real car
    • Molded very aggressive front grill design
    • Molded front light set
    • Molded aggressive front bumper
    • Molded Unique design body locker on the front hood
    • Matte black fender ( painted )
    • Molded rear brake light kits
    • Molded rear bumper with body mount
    • Function able spare tire
    • Painted Lexan body with clear window
    • No more using body clip which is maximum scale appearance as below
  • Strong & Durable Ladder Frame Chassis Design
    • Adjustable front & rear bumper
    • Height adjustable body posts
  • Full TIME 4WD
    • New transmission system
    • 104:1 final drive ratio
    • High torque output design
  • Chassis Mounted Servo with High-clearance Spindle
  • Newly Design All Terrain Tires
    • Detail Aggressive tire tread design
    • Super-soft rubber compound for maximum traction
  • High-Performance Pre-tuned Coil Shocks
  • Inter Bead-lock System
    • Simple to maintain
    • Easy tire installation
  • FPV-ready 2.4GHz Electronics Package
    • Fully waterproof ESC/Receiver/Servo
    • 2 Aux Ports for FPV, Lighting, or Other Accessories
    • 7V 600mah High-Performance Lithium Polymer Battery up to 45 minutes Run-times
    • 1Kg Waterproof Servo
  • 4-Link Chassis Setup



  • Height: 135mm
  • Length: 275mm
  • Width: 113mm
  • Wheel Base:155mm
  • Drive Ratio: 104:1
  • Wight: 280G
  • Drive Train: Full Lock 4WD
  • Suspension: Coil Spring Shock
  • Wheel: Internal Bead Lock
  • Tire: 1/0 Aggressive Tread MT Rubber Tire


Electronics :

  • Transmitter TX: 2.4ghz ( Digital Trim/DR )
  • ESC/RX: 2in1 Combo Support 2S LiPo( Waterproof )
  • Battery : 7.4v 2S Li-po 600mah Motor : Brushed 030 88T
  • Charger: USB with indicator



  • 4pcs AAA Battery for Transmitter


























ByRob C.

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