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HobbyPlus RC 1/18 CR-18 Crawler Ready-To-Run

HobbyPlus RC introduces their newest 1:18 scale crawler - the CR-18. Based on its 1:24 scale CR-24 predecessor, the new CR-18 has many desirable scale crawling features.

The new CR-18 is designed with durability in mind. It is not only bigger, longer and wider; it has approximately 30-35% better overall performance compared to the current CR-24.

The CR-18 comes with a completely new set of water proof electronics including ESC, motor and servo in order to maximize the fun factor for all hobbyists.

For scale factor and more realism, the CR-18 has molded plastic scale body accessories such as front grill, front and rear light mounts and side mirrors.

The CR-18 uses a proprietary transmission design that gives out incredible torque at low speed for great crawling experience. HobbyPlus restructured and designed the weight distribution of the vehicle by moving the gear box 15% forward. This forward placement gives more weight transfer to front of the truck which is great for crawling ability.



  • Aluminum anodize ladder frame chassis
  • Chassis mounted servo
  • Scale realism shock design
  • Front and rear light out of the box
  • High torque transmission gear box ( FDL : 104:1 )
  • Extra AUX output on electronics
  • Chassis with redesign weight bias (front 65% / rear 35%)
  • Front & rear bumper with side step included
  • Scale body with molded plastic body parts included (grill, light mounts, side mirrors)
  • Chassis rail with adjustable shocks mount



  • Length : 275mm
  • Width : 115mm
  • Height : 120mm
  • Wheelbase : 155mm
  • Drive Ratio : 104:1
  • Weight : 280g
  • Drive Train : Full lock 4WD
  • Suspension : Coil spring
  • Wheel : Internal Beadlock
  • Tire : 1.0 Aggressive Thread Oversized MT tire (Super Soft)
  • Transmitter: 2.4GHz (w/ Digital Trim/DR)
  • ESC/RX: 2in1 Combo Support 2S Lipo (Waterproof)
  • Servo: High Torque 3 Wire Servo (Waterproof)
  • Motor: Brushed 030 88T
  • Battery: 7.4B 2S Lipo 600mah
  • Charger: USB w/ Indicator














ByJason Tsang

Tags :Hobby Plus, CR18


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