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JX Servo High Voltage 8.4V Mini Waterproof Metal Gear Servo



  • Takes up to 8.4V
  • Powerful Mini Servo .08s/4.5kg @8.4V, 0.1s/3.5kg @6.0V
  • Long cable length 310mm
  • Full Metal Gears
  • Fully Waterproof
  • Lightweight @ 15g
  • Small Footprint 23.2x12.5x25.6mm



  • Control system:
    • PWM control 1500 u-sec is the central point PWM control 1500 u-sec is the central point
    • Max Angle:180°
      Pulse width: 1000-2000μs=90°
      Pulse width: 500-2500μs=180°
      Dead band: 4μs 1520μs/330hz
  • Working voltage: 6V~8.4V
  • Working temperature: -20C°~ +60C°
  • Torque: 6V 3.5Kg/cm; 8.4v 4.5Kg/cm
  • Idle speed: 6V 0.1sec/60º; 8.4V 0.08sec/60º
  • Idle current: 6V 150mA; 8.4V 180mA
  • Load current: 6V 260mA; 8.4V 340mA
  • Dead band: 4usec
  • Lifetime: >15000 times without load
  • Moving angle: 60º±2°
  • Drive type: Mos drive
  • Motor type: Cored motor
  • Potentiameter type: Direct drive
  • Signal booster type: Digital
  • Size: 23.2x12.5x25.6mm
  • Weight: 15g
  • Ball bearing: no
  • Gear material: Metal gear
  • Case material: PA66+fiber40%
  • Wire length:310mm
  • Wire gauge No and plus type: 26AWG, JR plug
  • Black: Negative Red: Positive White: Signal



  • Traxxas TRX4
  • Boom Racing BRX01





ByRob C.

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