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Hobbywing XeRun AXE550 Scale FOC Rock Crawler Combo


The much anticipated Hobbywing XeRun AXE FOC Brushless Motor & ESC are now available in 3300kv and 2700kv. Here are the details including how to update your AXE software.

After a period of R&D, the XeRun AXE series of brushless power systems have been further improved; both AXE ESC and Motor have expanded with new products. This article details the key updates, specifications, new features and the steps to update your current AXE ESC software.

Here's the gist of the new Hobbywing AXE combo:

  • Bigger KV motors; 3300kv and 2700kv
  • ESC software is upgraded to V1.1
  • BEC upgraded from 3A to 4A
  • ESC has cooling fan mount (fan included)
  • Motor is 550 sized
  • Motor and shaft are longer 66.2mm/16.0mm
  • 5mm diameter pinion gear included

In regards to the new motor, previously only the AXE540 motor was available (in 1200/1800/2300kv), now the AXE550 motor is also available (2700/3300kv).

Thanks to Hobbywing, we were given the opportunity to try the AXE550 3300kv prototype. Our first reaction is that the bigger sized motor makes it more difficult to fit into different crawlers, especially the ones with only a little extra room to spare. We were able to fit it to an Axial Bomber and the Traxxas TRX4 without issues. However, I would recommend anyone who wants to order one to measure the amount of space available in the chassis before making your purchase.

If space isn't an issue, you're in for a treat. This new system continues to have all of the features that we like; the very smooth low speed control without cogging, waterproof ready and long runtime efficiency. The 3300kv is very powerful, much more powerful than we anticipated. I can say we were all pleasantly surprised by the amount of power output on a brassed-up TRX4.



With the same voltage input, a higher KV allows the motor to have higher RPM & bigger power when compared to other AXE 540 motors. The AXE 550 motor has a longer length, which guarantees a low-torque output to make the motor (when pairing it with an AXE ESC) more applicable to RC vehicles & car races which require high speeds in the FOC (Field Oriented Control) driving mode.




  • Motor
  • ESC
  • Cooling Fan
  • Pinion Gear (D5-12T-32P)
  • Hardware for installation


  • PN Code: 30401351/30401350 KV
  • Rating: 2700/3300KV (w/o Load)
  • Internal Resistance: 0.016Ω/0.012Ω
  • Weight: 289g/284g
  • LiPo Cells: 2~3S
  • No-load Current: 2.7A/3.8A
  • Pole Count: 4
  • Motor Diameter/Length: 36.0/66.2mm
  • Shaft Diameter/Length: 5/16.0mm


In order to give Hobbywing users a better experience (install-and-play), a D5-12T-32P pinion gear is included with the AXE 550 motor.

In regards to the AXE ESC, the AXE V1.1 is released. When comparing to the previous version, four mounting holes on the heatsink of the new version allows users to install a cooling fan directly onto the heatsink. The cooling fan and screws included in the product box save you the trouble of ordering one.



The BEC has been upgraded from 3A to 4A, which can drive more load devices like voice assembly, lamp assembly etc. More choices mean more experiences, the XeRun AXE brushless power systems definitely will bring you a very different control feel.


New firmware (01-00.2.01) for the XeRun AXE ESC has

Improvements Include:

1. RPM/Throttle New Feature Added - RPM/Throttle Matching - 3 Settings.
This new feature allows you to adjust the way your system will react to changes in load/terrain on trail. The setting can be set to create a "brushed motor" feel. If you like the way a brush motor drives, use setting #1. Setting #2 (Default) is like the original ESC. Setting #3, improves the consistency of the motor RPM over different loads.

2. New Setup Process - Automatic Motor Pairing
Loose rear endplate, severe impact, or abnormal heat (during operation), abnormal power output occurs to the motor. This process allows you to reset your motor. F.O.C. for updates and calibrates the motor sensors to the firmware. See below for complete details and the simple walk through. 

3. Motor "punch" or instant start up
The motor response to instant throttle inputs, or "clicking" to full throttle has been improved.

4. Drag Brake
Minor changes to how the drag brake operates to be smoother and more responsive.

5. Motor Operation
Improved high RPM efficiency.

6. More RPM
Overall, slight gains in RPM.

7. 550 Size Motor
Update includes additions for the new AXE 550 size 2700 and 3300 kv motors




1) Update the firmware version to 01-00.2.01, the AXE ESC must be connected AXE 540 motor.

2) You must do the “automatic motor pairing” (as explained below) when updating the ESC firmware, and these are the steps of “Automatic Motor Pairing”:

Step 1: The ESC must be connected correctly to your AXE motor.

Step 2: Unplug the ESC's Input Harness from the Receiver.

Step 3: Remove the Pinion Gear from the motor, or remove the wheels, but the effect won't be that good.

Step 4: Connect a fully charged battery to the ESC

Step 5: Turn on the ESC. The RED led will blink after the self-test.

Step 6: Press, and Hold (about 3 seconds) the set button until the GREEN light comes on. Release the button.

What happens next - When the Green Light comes on, the motor will begin to operate. It will operate through a basic range for a few seconds, then it will operate at a fixed RPM. Once completed the motor will stop operating and the ESC will beep. Automatic Motor Pairing is now completed. The ESC will automatically re-start. After that, please re-plug the Harness into the receiver, and then the power system will be ready




ByJason Tsang

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