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MST Releases 1/10 MTX-1 4WD Monster Truck Kit w/ C10 Body


MST releases the high-quality MTX-1 monster truck in 4WD Kit edition. The kit comes with a printed C10 blue body ready to go!



  • The whole realistic roll cage for the good exterior and car body is strengthened.
  • The high-strength aluminum motor mounts have a good heat-sink effect and not deformed in long-time driving.
  • The new “NS servo saver” can well protect the servo and absorb the impact in cornering.
  • The full bearing set can reduce the operating resistance and provide better-operating efficiency, and longer operating time.
  • The high-strength bevel gears have good transmission efficiency and durability.
  • The differential can compensate for the difference between the speed of the wheels in cornering, stabilize the body dynamics, and let the vehicle corners smoothly and accurately. The high-strength metal differential gears have good transmission efficiency and durability.
  • The steel CVD drive shaft is good in smooth transmission and better efficiency.
  • The MTX-1 specific spur gear buffer set comes with the Cush drive rubber blocks to absorb the impact of transmission, avoid the power loss and protection.
  • The new waterproof receiver box has four channels and comes with the silicon seal ring for water and dustproof.
  • The MTX-1 specific impact resistance knuckle set and C hubs absorb the impact from the ground and maintain the shaft driving smoothly.
  • The Realistic 4-link suspension structure will be in the best performance for any terrains.
  • A realistic big foot tire dedicates with the specific wheel is good in both exterior and performance.
  • The lightweight and rigid impact-resistant hydraulic shock absorbers can absorb the shocks reacted from the ground, and stable for driving. The spring buckle can be adjusted to the driving demands.
  • Easily achieve the wheelie effect by the wheelie bar set.
  • The battery case in the rear side can be installed 2S Lipo batteries and has the quick-release feature. To change the battery quickly by turning the knob.


  • Length: 463mm
  • Width: 294mm
  • Height: 257mm
  • Wheelbase: 280mm
  • Ground Clearance: 66mm
  • Tire Size: 130 x 78mm
  • Motor: 540 Type
  • Diff. Type: Gear Diff
  • Shocks: Oil Damper
  • Drive System: Shaft 4WD











ByRob C.

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