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New Release: Boom Racing KRAIT 2.2 Beadlock Wheels


Boom Racing KRAIT 2.2 Beadlock Wheels are exactly as they seem – beautiful, elegant, yet deadly. Inspired by the most deadly snake in the wilderness, KRAIT Beadlock Wheels are designed to attack the most challenging, rugged and difficult terrains imaginable. Whether you’re Rock Racing or out on the trail, our KRAIT Beadlock Wheels will conquer any obstacles presented to them.

Designed to be high performance, easy to mount on the beads and heavy duty, the KRAIT 2.2 Beadlock Wheels will get you ahead of the pack. To also keep it lightweight the center ring is made from a lightweight Delrin material which is very strong yet very light.

 First release colors: Signature Gold, Gun Metal, Black W/ Gun Metal Rings, Red and Green.


Boom Racing driver Anthonee Ramirez  wins with KRAIT 2.2 in NorCal U4RC.


Boom Racing drivers Anthonee Ramirez and Ben Harmon podium finish in NorCal U4RC.



Lightweight DCR Delrin Ring

Industry Best T6-6061 Aluminum One-Piece 0mm Offset Wheel/Hub Design

Boom Racing’s Padlock design to take out play between hub and hex

Easy to mount, even on the most difficult beads

Threaded beadlock ring to hold the bead tighter


What's Included:

Two KRAIT Beadlock Wheels 

Two Center Caps

Two 8mm Offset Wideners W/ Hardware

Six Plastic Wheel Shims

All Hardware

MSRP: $39.9


ByRicky Man

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