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Pit Bull RC: Friction Addiction


Pit Bull's range of tires provide some of the best performance in the game. No slipping and sliding around in hard conditions, Pit Bull was made to look as scale as possible while still providing the functionality needed to overcome any obstacle. Pit Bull tires are actually full-sized off-road tires that's incredibly well-known in the big truck world. They entered the RC world and took it by storm when they released their 1.9 and 2.2 tires for crawlers. Tires like their 1.9" Growlers or their 2.2" Rock Beast are some of the hottest tires for crawlers from their line-up, and for good reason. The tires right out of the box are soft and sticky, and you have your choice of whether they include foam or not.

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ByChristopher Chu

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